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Image Processing/Process/Accumulate

Accumulates values of a texture over time. ​


The Accumulate box stores values of a Texture over time. There are three modes available: Dissolve, Adaptive and Buffer Stage.

The Dissolve mode simply adds the input Texture and uses exponential and linear curves to slowly decrease accumulated values. (Additive)
The Adaptive mode interpolates the stored buffer with the provided input. (Motion Blur)
The Buffer Stage mode allows to store or passthroughTexture values given a control Pin.

The Accumulate box has many uses ranging from detection, vfx or passthrough purposes.


Attenuation Float Multiplies with the Exponent (in Dissolve mode) and the Adaptation Speed (in Adaptive mode). Sets the interpolation between current and previous texture in the Buffer Stage Mode,
Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to process.


Texture 2D Render Target Outputs the processed texture.



Accumulate Mode String Sets the Accumulate Mode. The Dissolve mode smooths changes in a texture by slowly reducing the accumulated texture. The Adaptive mode smooths changes in a texture by slowly adding the inputted texture. The Buffer Stage mode includes changes in a texture based on the inputted attenuation.
Clamp Toggle Clamps the texture values between 0,0 and 1.0.
Input Multiplier Float Multiplies with the values of the inputted texture.


Exponential Dissolution Float Multiplies with the last frame value and creates a negative exponential curve.
Linear Dissolution Float Subtracts the last frame texture. The parameter Linear Dissolution creates a negative linear curve.
Use Alpha Blending Toggle Uses the Alpha to blend texture values.


Adaptive Speed Float Sets the adaptation speed between the inputted texture and the last frame values.
Adaptive Multiplier Float Sets the multiplier of the inputted texture on the adaptive texture.


Enable Input Pin: Attenuation Toggle Enables the Attenuation Input Pin.

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