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Audio/Audio Out

Final destination of the Audio pipeline within a project. ​


The Audio Out box outputs the received AudioLine signal to a physical output. Connected to a sound card (external or internal) with multiple outputs, an audio patch may be created. The Sound System may be changed in the System Configuration under Sound tab, parameter Sound System. The Audio Out box also activates all attached boxes.

General Use Case: As the Audio Out sends the audio signal of a project to physical outputs, the box allows to create an audio logic for a project with multiple speakers.


Audio [N] Audio Line Receives the Audio Line to output.


Audio [N] Audio Line Outputs the Audio Line in the parent graph. This output is automatically generated when the graph containing the Audio Out is instantiated in a parent graph or a Timeline.



Number of Input Pin(s): Audio Line Int Sets the number of Audio Lines received and outputted.


Audio Line 1 String Indicates where to send the Audio Line.

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