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Mixes an audio channel with a texture ​


The Audio Video Line box mixes together a texture and an audio channel.

The result is outputted as an Audio Video Line, and can be connected to whether a Texture Out box or an Audio Out box. However, only the Texture Out will output both the texture and the sound, the Audio Out will only output the audio channel. Since if defeats the purpose of this box, it is recommended to do all operations on audio before connecting it to the Audio Video Line box.

General Use Case: The Audio Video Line allow to Crossfade video and its audio with the Selector box.


Audio Audio Line Receives the audio channel to merge.
Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to merge.


Audio Video Audio Video Line Outputs the resulting mix of the texture and the audio channel as an Audio Video Line. Can be connected to Texture or Audio supporting pins. However, connecting it as an audio channel will remove the texture.


This box has no parameter.

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