Bilateral Blur

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Image Processing/Filters/Bilateral Blur

Bilateral blurs a texture. ​


The Bilateral Blur box applies a blur based on the depth of a 3D render. This process simulates the depth of field of a camera in a 3D world.


Depth 2D Texture, Depth Buffer Receives the depth texture to calculate the bilateral blur.
Image 2D Texture Receives the render texture from the Scene Renderer box.
Render 2D Render Target Receives the texture buffer to draw on.


Render 2D Render Target Outputs the process result.



Sharpness Float Sets the blur sharpness relative to the detected edge.
Blur Size Float Sets the blur size.
Edge Threshold Float Sets the threshold to blur an edge or not.
Scene Scale Float Sets the scene scale of the depth texture to adjust the blur.

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