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Utilities/Block IFC Signal

Blocks IFC messages. ​


The Block IFC Signal stops the propagation of IFC messages in the pipeline. This is an advanced control box.

IFC signal contains the internal message generated by RealMotion to control boxes functions. The Internal Flow Control messages are sent backward to all boxes regardless of the datatype.

General Use Case: Block IFC Message box is used for optimization purpose in very heavy project. Use with care.


Input-[N] Any type (Null) Connects to boxes receiving backwardly IFC Messages.


Output-[N] Any type (Null) Outputs the inputted data.



Numbers Of Pins Int Sets the number of Input and Output Pins.

Block Signals

Block Initialization Toggle When enabled, blocks Initialization IFC message.
Block Execution Toggle When enabled, blocks Execution IFC message.
Block Draw Toggle When enabled, blocks Draw IFC message.
Block Release Toggle When enabled, blocks Release IFC message.
Block Pause Toggle When enabled, blocks Pause IFC message.
Block Reset Toggle When enabled, blocks Reset IFC message.

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