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Represents the point of view of a 3D scene. ​


The Camera box is a simple camera. The camera may expose parameters for scripting.

One Camera box may be used into many scenes to synchronize them.

For a walking or flying camera, use the Motion Controller box to input transform in the Camera box.

General Use Case: The Camera is used to give the point of view to a Scene Renderer. Moving the camera can be done by connecting the Motion Controller into the Transform input pin. Exposing the Position and Target allows manual control of the Camera position.


Position Float3 Overrides XYZ Position of the camera.
Target Float3 Overrides XYZ Target position of the camera.
Transform Transform Receives the transformation applied to the camera.
Up Float3 Overrides XYZ normalized Up Vector of the camera.


Camera Camera Outputs the Camera data.




Enable Input Pin: Transform Toggle Enables the Transform Input Pin.
Enable Input Pin: Position Toggle Enables the Position Input Pin.
Position Float3 Sets the XYZ camera position.
Enable Input Pin: Up Toggle Enables the Up Input Pin.
Up Float3 Sets the XYZ normalized Up Vector of the camera. The default value is (0,1,0).
Enable Input Pin: Target Toggle Enables the Target Input Pin.
Target Float3 Sets the XYZ target position.

Frustum Limits

Near Plane Float Sets the distance between the near plane and the camera.
Far Plane Float Sets the distance between the far plane and the camera.
Vertical FOV Float Sets the vertical angle of the Field Of View of the Camera.

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