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Image Processing/Filters/Color Correct

Performs color correction operations on a Texture. ​


The Color Correct box allows adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, lightness, saturation, gamma and the tint of a given input texture.

General Use Case: The Color Correct box is often used to correct a camera feed from or to colorize a texture.


Brightness Float Receives the Brightness value.
Contrast Float Receives the Contrast value.
Gamma Float Receives the Gamma value.
Hue Float Receives the Hue value.
Lightness Float Receives the Lightness value.
Saturation Float Receives the Saturation value.
Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to be processed.
Tint Float4 Receives the Tint value.


Texture 2D Render Target Outputs the processed texture.



Brightness Toggle Enables the Brightness Input Pin and overrides the Brightness parameter.
Brightness Float Adjusts the texture brightness.
Contrast Toggle Enables the Contrast Input Pin and overrides the Contrast parameter.
Contrast Float Adjusts the texture contrast.
Hue Toggle Enables the Hue Input Pin and overrides the Hue parameter.
Hue Float Adjusts the texture hue.
Lightness Toggle Enables the Lightness Input Pin and overrides the Lightness parameter.
Lightness Float Adjusts the texture lightness.
Saturation Toggle Enables the Saturation Input Pin and overrides the Saturation parameter.
Saturation Float Adjusts the texture saturation.
Gamma Toggle Enables the Gamma Input Pin and overrides the Gamma parameter.
Gamma Float Adjusts the texture gamma.


Tint Toggle Enables the Tint Input Pin and overrides the Tint parameter.
Tint Float4 Adjusts the texture tint.

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