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Network/DMX/DMX Send

Outputs DMX to ArtNet devices. ​


The box DMX Send combines the DMX Nodes generated by DMX Fixture boxes into a ArtNet signal.

In case of collisions between channel, the DMX Node with the greatest number updates last and win. A Channel Collision Log is available for debugging purpose.

Multiple universes can be controlled by the same DMX Send box. The output is broadcast over the network at the defined Refresh Rate.

The DMX Send use the libArtNet library and had been tested with Enttec device .

General Use Case: Used to control RGB LED fixtures with Art-Net devices.


DMX Node [N] DMX Node Receives a DMX Node to combine and output.


This box has no output.



Number Of Input Pin(s): DMX Node Int Sets the number of DMX Node to assemble in the ArtNet signal.


Refresh Rate Int Sets the output frequency of the ArtNet signal. DMX maximal refresh rate is 44 Hz and using frequency greater than 44 Hz may result in network congestion.
Channel Collision Log Toggle Enables the detection of channels collision between the inputted DMX Nodes.

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