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Devices/Image Acquisition/Datapath Capture

Receives images captured by a Datapath cards. ​


The Datapath box outputs the captured signal from a Datapath Capture card .

When multiple Datapath boxes are used, the Frame Dropping Synchronization parameter ensures the output textures are continuously synchronized.


This box has no input.


Audio Line Audio Line Outputs the captured sounds from the Datapath card.
Texture 2D Texture Outputs the captured inputs from the Datapath card.



Resolution Int2 Sets the resolution of the outputted texture. The captured texture automatically rescales to fit the output if there is a mismatch between both resolutions.
Source Frequency Float Sets the refresh frequency, in FPS, of the outputted texture. A best practice is to match the Source Frequency with the frequency specified in the Datapath capture tool.
Input ID Int Chooses the input source among the Datapath card available.


Frame Dropping Int Sets the maximal number of frames dropped by the Datapath synchronization.
Print Timestamp Toggle When enabled, a timestamp is printed on each frame in the buffer of each Datapath.
Timestamp Frame Matching Toggle When enabled, outputted textures of Datapath boxes are synchronized by matching the nearest timestamped frames.
Pre Buffer Size Int Sets the number of frames preloaded in the buffer.


Enable Output Pin: Audio Line Toggle Enables the Audio Line Pin to output the captured sound.

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