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Propagate events with the specified delay. ​


The Delay box propagates events with the specified delay. The delay can either be specified in milliseconds (ms) or in a number of frames.

If the delay is specified in frames, the Event is guaranteed to be outputted at the specified number of actual frames, irrespective of the time delay between frames.

If the delay is specified in milliseconds (ms), the event will be propagated in the next frame that enters the time delay specified. For instance, if the delay is of 30 ms, at 60 fps, each frame takes 16 ms, thus, the event will be delayed by only one frame.


Event Trigger Receives the Event to be delayed.


Event Trigger Outputs the delayed event.



Delay Units String Selects the desired units, Frame or Milliseconds, for specifying the delay value. For a few frames delay, it is recommended to use the Frame unit, as the FPS may slightly vary.
Delay Float Sets the amount of time an event is held before being outputted. A value of 0.001 milliseconds output the event on the next frame.

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