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Operations/Containers/Get Item

Returns the selected item of a container. ​


The Get Item box returns the selected item index in the input container. If the container has fixed size (Ex.: Float 2, Float 3 or Float 4) the index is expressed in x, y, z and w. If the container is a vector, the index is an integer.

General Use Case: The Get Item box is often used to change content by selecting path into a vector of string.


Index Int Receives the index of the item to output.
Input Audio Video Line, Bool Vector, Byte Vector, Float2, Float2 Vector, Float3, Float3 Vector, Float4, Float4 Vector, Float Vector, Int2, Int2 Vector, Int3, Int3 Vector, Int4, Int4 Vector, Int Vector, Pointer Event, Keyboard Event Vector, Material Table, Material Table Entry, Matrix4, Node Vector, Pointer Event, Pointer Event Vector, ReadXML Rule, ReadXML Rule Table, Resolution Vector, String Vector, Type Surface Mapping, Surface Mapping Vector, Surface Reference Vector, Texture FlipBook, Texture Vector, Transform Vector, Video Info, Video Statistics, WebBrowser Info, Zone Vector Receives the container to process.


Item Any type (Null) Outputs the selected item in the inputted containers.



Input Type String Sets the inputted container.
Enable Input Pin: Index Toggle Overrides the Selected Index with the Index Input Pin. Active only when the Input Type is a vector.
Selected Index Int Selects the index of the item to output.
Index Mode String Indicates the index looping mode.
Selected Item String Sets the item to output. Actives with stats or info vector.

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