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Operations/Containers/Get Size

Returns the size of a vector. ​


The box Get Size returns the size of a vector. A vector size is the equivalent of the length or the index count.

General Use Case: The box is used for scripting purpose to receive the length of a vector.


Input Int2 Vector, Bool Vector, Pointer Event Vector, Float3, Zone Vector, Surface Mapping Vector, Byte Vector, Matrix4, Material Table, Video Statistics, Int2, Node Vector, ReadXML Rule Table, Material Table Entry, String Vector, Texture Vector, Float4 Vector, Int3, Keyboard Event Vector, Int4, Transform Vector, Pointer Event, WebBrowser Info, Resolution Vector, Float4, Pointer Event, Float2 Vector, Texture FlipBook, ReadXML Rule, Type Surface Mapping, Int Vector, Float Vector, Float3 Vector, Surface Reference Vector, Video Info, Int3 Vector, Audio Video Line, Int4 Vector, Float2 Receives the vector to process.


Int Int Outputs the vector size.


This box has no parameter.

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