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Image Processing/Filters/HDR Glow

Performs High or Low Dynamic Range glow. ​


The HDR Glow box performs High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Low Dynamic Range (LDR) glow at a given precision of input texture. The HDR Glow box also applies a gamma correction on the final image gathering.

See dynamic range rendering Wikipedia page for more information about HDR and LDR render.


Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to be processed.


Texture 2D Render Target Outputs the processed texture.


Blur Amount Float Sets the quantity of blur.
Blur Multiplier Float Sets the multiplier for the blurred texture.
Gamma Exponent Float Sets the gamma exponent correction for the outputted texture.
Blur Downscales Int Sets Blur Downscales. As the number of downscale depends on the resolution, if the value is set too high, the project will not run or will stop running.

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