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Assembles Type into Container. ​


The Join box puts multiple data of the same type into a single container.

In RealMotion, there are two categories of containers: those with fixed size (Float2, Float3, Float3, Int2, Int3, Int4) and those with an unfixed size (Vector). A Vector can be composed of any data types, even of fixed size containers. (Ex: Vector<Float4>).

General Use Case: The Join box is used to assemble data into a single node for scripting purpose, graph intelligibility and data transfer. The Join box also allows to build a vector of items to select from later in the data pipeline with the Get Item box.


Input-[N] Toggle, Byte, Float, Float2, Float3, Float4, Int, Int2, Int3, Int4, Pointer Event, Node, Pointer Event, String, 2D Texture, Transform, Zone Receives the data type to assemble into a container.


Output Toggle Vector, Byte Vector, Float2, Float Vector, Float2 Vector, Float3 Vector, Float4 Vector, Int2, Int Vector, Int2 Vector, Int3 Vector, Int4 Vector, Keyboard Event Vector, Node Vector, Pointer Event Vector, String Vector, Texture Vector, Transform Vector, Zone Vector Outputs the container.



Type String Sets the supported data type.
Container Size Int Sets the size of the container.

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