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Receives images and information captured by the Kinect 1 depth sensors. ​


The Kinect1 box allows the capture of data from the Kinect 1 depth sensor.

The Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.8 and Kinect for Windows SDK v1.8 from Microsoft must be installed.

Note that RealMotion is compatible with the Kinect Studio movement recorder.

General Use Case: Kinect1 is widely used in installation to isolate users with the depth texture or to detect the skeleton of users.


Reset Skeletons Trigger Removes all recognized users on reception of this event.


Image 2D Texture Outputs the captured image.
Debug 2D Texture Outputs the debug texture with information blended over the camera image.
Depth 2D Texture Outputs the captured depth texture.
Silhouettes 2D Texture Outputs the detected silhouettes.
Skeletons Skeleton data stream Outputs the Skeletons information. Connected to the Kinect User box, the specific Skeleton information may be retrieved.



Sensor String Chooses the sensor available Kinect1 sensor to capture from.


Enable Output Pin: Color Toggle Enables the Color Output Pin.
Color Resolution String Sets the resolution and the frame rate of the Image output.


Enable Output Pin: Depth Toggle Enables the Depth Output Pin.
Depth Resolution String Sets the resolution and the frame rate of the Depth output.
Depth Format String Sets the format of the depth texture.
Depth Treatment String Sets the depth treatment for unreliable depths.
Range Mode String Sets the Range Mode for depth calculation.


Enable Output Pin: Skeletons Toggle Enables the Skeletons Output Pin and the calculation of the Skeleton coordinates.
Enable Output Pin: Silhouettes Toggle Enables the Silhouettes Output Pin and the calculation of the Silhouettes output.
Skeleton Tracking Mode String Chooses between the default detection or the detection based only on the upper body.
Skeleton Filter Mode String Indicates the mode used to filter the depth data before the skeletons coordinates calculation. Using the Small filter give reactive and noisy coordinates. Using the Large filter give slow and precise coordinates.
Skeleton Chooser Mode String Indicates the Skeleton outputted by default in the first skeleton index. Useful when multiple Kinect1 boxes are used.


Enable Output Pin: Debug Toggle Enables the Debug Output Pin.
Enable Input Pin: Reset Skeletons Toggle Enables the Reset Skeletons Input Pin.

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