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Receive MIDI messages from a MIDI input device. ​


The MIDI Receive box receives messages from a MIDI input device.RealMotion handle 4 types of MIDI messages: the Control Change, Program Change, Note On and Note Off. One message per box. Currently, only one MIDI Receive box can be connected per device output port.

For more information about MIDI message, see the MIDI Messages page from the MIDI Manufacturers Association Incorporated.


This box has no input.


Controller Int Outputs the Controller received in a Control Change message.
Event Trigger Outputs an event on reception of a MIDI message.
Key Int Outputs the Key received in a Note On or Note Off message.
Program Int Outputs the Program received in a Program Change message.
Value Int Outputs the Value received in a Control Change message.
Velocity Int Outputs the Velocity received in a Note On or Note Off message.



MIDI Input String Selects the MIDI inputs to receive the message from. Only one MIDI Send box may be connected to a MIDI Output. The Operating System generates the MIDI Output list with the connected MIDI device.
Channel String Selects the channel used to send the message.
Message String Sets the message type send by the box and creates the outputs accordingly.

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