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Image Processing/Process/Mean Value

Computes the mean value of the red channel of a texture. ​


The Mean Value box returns the average value of a texture. The box process only the red (first) channel of the inputted texture.

The Mean Value box can be set to compute only non-black pixels.

General Usecases: The Mean Value is useful to trigger event or change sound levels upon a detection texture.


Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to be processed.


Mean Value Float Outputs the mean value of the red channel.



Compute Average On Non Black Toggle Computes the average with non-black pixels only.
Minimum Average Pixel Size Int Sets the minimal amount of non-black pixels needed to compute the mean value.
Enable Threshold Toggle Activates the Threshold.
Threshold Float Sets the minimal value to output.

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Version Information

Current documentation version: 2.1.2. ​ ​