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3D/Model/Model 3D

Loads an FBX model. ​


The box Model 3D loads an FBX model into RealMotion.

The rendering technique may be set per material using with the Parse Model Materials tool. The material can be overridden with the Material Override box.

The Transform input may be specified in order to allows Translation, Rotation and Scaling of the Model. These transformations are locally applied. See the 3D Transform box for more information on the subject.


Transform Transform Receives the transformation to be applied to the 3D Model.


Node Node Outputs the node of the loaded 3D model.



Filename Uri Indicates the path of the FBX files to load.
Override Primitive Type Toggle Overrides the primitive type of the loaded model for the Primitive Type selected.
Primitive Type String Selects the primitive geometry used to draw the 3D model.
Enable Input Pin: Transform Toggle Enables the Transform Input Pin.


Parse Model Materials Toggle Parses the 3D Model to find material names and links materials to the Default Technique Name.

Default Technique

Default Technique Name String Sets the default technique used to render the node.
Set For All Toggle Sets the technique for all material contained in the node to the Default Technique Name.
Materials and Techniques List Material Table Shows the editable list of links between materials and techniques.

Import Options

Axis System String Sets the desired predefined axis system for conversion. Each preset used the default setting from an application and affect the Up Vector, the front Vector and the Coordinate System.
Collapse Rotation and Scale Toggle Collapses the meshes rotation and scaling into the vertices directly. Also known as "baking" transformations directly into vertex buffers. By default, sets the model rotation to (0,0,0) and the scale to (1,1,1).
Recomputes Tangents Toggle If the tangents are missing, automatically compute tangents from UVs and Normals.

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Current documentation version: 2.1.4. ​ ​