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Network/Network/Network Receive

Receives data over a TCP/UDP Network ​


The Network Receive box receives data over a TCP/UDP Network.

When the Raw mode is not in use, the send packet must match the expected received packet.

General Use Case: The box allows communication between devices and computers.


This box has no input.


Output Int Outputs the data received.
Received Trigger Outputs an event when data is received.



Port Int Sets the Port listening Port address.
Protocol String Chooses between the protocols UDP or TCP to listen on the Network.
Type String Sets the data type outputted. The Type must match the data received.


Log Network Errors Toggle Enables console messages for network errors. May reduce the FPS if an error occurs.
Action On Error String Sets the action taken when a network error occurs. Ignore Mode outputs the last valid data. Reset Output Mode Outputs the default value. Stop Project Mode stops the project and is recommended for debugging purpose only.
Raw Mode Toggle When enabled, RealMotion receive the raw binary data specified by the user. No modification is made.
Use Termination Pattern Toggle Specifies a termination pattern for the data packet.
Termination Pattern HEX String Sets the termination patter with spaces separated hex bytes.
Endianness String Specifies the endianness of the received packets.

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