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Network/Network/Network Send

Sends data over a TCP/UDP Network ​


The Network Send box sends data over a TCP/UDP Network.

General Use Case: The box allows communication between devices and computers.


Input Int2 Vector, Float3, String, Float, Byte Vector, Int2, String Vector, Float4 Vector, Int3, Animation Time, Int4, Float4, 2D Texture, Float2 Vector, Int, Int Vector, Float Vector, Float3 Vector, Int3 Vector, Int4 Vector, Float2 Receives the data to send.
Send Data Trigger On reception of an event, send the inputted data.


This box has no output.



IP IP Sets the IP address destination to send the inputted data. By default, the IP is set to localHost (
Port Int Sets the Port address destination to send the inputted data.
Protocol String Chooses between the protocols UDP or TCP to send the data over Network.


Raw Toggle When enabled, RealMotion sends the raw binary data specified by the user.
Endianness String Specifies the endianness of emitted multi-bytes types packets (INT, FLOAT, etc).\nByte type packets (strings, byte vector) are not affected.

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