Oculus Distortion Correction

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Devices/Oculus/Oculus Distortion Correction

Generates the lens distortion correction for the Oculus device. ​


The Oculus Distortion box receives renders for both eyes and distort the image accordingly to the Oculus physical settings. The box generates the texture to send to the Oculus screen.

The Oculus Runtime for Windows , from Oculus VR must be installed.

General Use Case: The box merges the left and right Scene Renderer into one texture to send to the device.


Device Oculus Rift Device Receives the Device information for the distortion.
Left 2D Texture Receives the left 3D render for the left eye.
Render 2D Texture Receives the texture to render on.
Right 2D Texture Receives the right 3D render for the right eye.


Render 2D Render Target Outputs the texture to send to the Oculus device.


Enable Input Pin: Device Toggle Enables the Input Pin: Device

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