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Devices/Pointer/Pointer Device

Receives data from a pointer device. ​


The Pointer Device receives data from a Pointer device. The Pointers data type may contains multiple points and related events to support multi-touch.

General Use Case: The box connect a project with a pointer device like a mouse, a touch pad or a multi-touch frame. The outputted data may send in the Texture Pipeline with the Paint box.


This box has no input.


Pointers Pointer Event Vector Outputs the pointer data.


Canvas 2D ResolutionRef Indicates the global canvas space used for pointer event reference. The reference canvas normalizes the outputted points.
Pointer Device String Selects the data device outputted.
Primary Mouse Emulation Toggle When enabled, the primary mouse will emulate inputs for the first pointer of the device.

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Current documentation version: 2.1.0. ​ ​