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3D/Model/Primitive Mesh

Creates a Primitive Mesh ​


The Primitive Mesh Box creates a primitive Mesh to be used in the 3D pipeline. Different types of meshes can be created such as Plane, Sphere, GeoSphere, Cube and Point.


Material Material Sets the mesh material.
Transform Transform Receives the transformation applied to the primitive mesh.


Node Node Outputs the node containing the created primitive mesh.



Primary Shape String Sets the type of primary shape of the primitive mesh.
Transform Toggle Enables the Input Pin Transform. If disabled, the default position and rotation is 0,0,0.


Tessellation Resolution Int2 Sets the tessellation resolution of the GeoSphrere.
Radius Float Sets the radius of the Sphere
Segments Int Sets the number of segments used to create the Sphere.


Texture UV Offset Float2 Sets the position of the material texture by offsetting the UV coordinates.
Texture UV Tiling Float2 Sets the tiling of the material texture by scaling the UV coordinates.


Material Toggle Enables the Input Pin: Material. If disabled, the default material is applied.
Material Name String Sets the material name.
Technique String Sets the technique used to render the primitive mesh.

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