Projector Keystone

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Calibration/Projector Keystone

Performs Keystone operation for the projector output. ​


The Projector Keystone box performs a keystone operation based on a 3D scene. This process gives more precision in the texture deformation than regular Keystone operations.

Keystone is adjustable in the Preview when the Projector Keystone box is selected.

General Use Case; The box is used at the end of the pipeline to keystone the output when the projector is not aligned with the projection surface.


Opacity Float Receives the opacity level of the drawn surface. Active only when the Blend Mode is set to Alpha.
Render 2D Texture Receives the texture to use as Render Target.
Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to perform the Keystone.


Texture 2D Render Target Outputs the result of the keystone simulation.



Soft Edge Pixels Int Sets the number of pixels used to soften the surface edges.
Enable Input Pin: Opacity Toggle Enables the Opacity Input Pin and overrides the Alpha channel. Active only when the Blend Mode is set to Alpha.


Blend Mode String Sets the blend mode.

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