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Image Processing/Filters/Radial Blur

Performs a radial blur. ​


The Radial Blur box performs a radial blur.

The Radial Blur may be demanding in computer resources. With high resolution textures, the frame rate may be affected by this process. A best practice is to use a Format box before the Radial Blur box to lower the resolution and achieve better performances with a similar result.


Blur Amount Float Receives and overrides the Blur Amount parameter.
Position Float2 Receives the position of the center of the blur.
Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to be processed.


Texture 2D Render Target Outputs the processed texture.



Samples Int Sets the number of read pixels within the range. May reduce the frame rate if set too high.
Enable Input Pin: Blur Amount Toggle Enable the Blur Amount Input Pin.
Blur Amount Float Sets the averaging window of the radial blur in Normalized Screen Coordinates.
Filter Mode String Sets the blur mode between Centered, In and Out.
Enable Randomize Toggle Enables the randomization of the step size between the samples.
Random Amount Float Sets the random mount.
Enable Input Pin: Position Toggle Enable the Position Input Pin.
Position Float2 Sets the position of the center of the blur.

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