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Logic/Content/Read XML

Reads an XML file. ​


The Read XML box loads data from an XML file. The box is using XPath to navigate through the data.

For more information about XML, see the W3C XML Essentials page .

An overview of the XML structure can be found on the W3Schools XML Tutorial .

The Code Beautify XPath tester is a useful tool to test XPath.


Filename String Receives the path of the XML file to load.
Reload Trigger Reloads the XML file on reception of this event.


This box has no output.



Enable Input Pin: Filename Toggle Enables the Filename Input Pin and overrides the Filename parameter.
Filename Uri Sets the path of the XML file to read.
Enable Input Pin: Reload Toggle Enables the Input Pin: Reload.


Variables ReadXML Rule Table Allows to add and delete variables from the XML file, sets the XPath of the variables and sets the name and type of the Output Pin for each variable.

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