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Receives data from a SICK Laser. ​


The SICK box connects to a SICK laser device and outputs the data into a vector of polar coordinates.The Polar Keystone box interprets and manages data from multiple polar devices.

The SOPAS Engineering Tool from Sick must be installed. The tool finds and sets the IP address of compatible devices.


This box has no input.


Limits Float2 Outputs the limits of the device.
Polar Points Float2 Vector Outputs the polar coordinates.



SICK IP Address IP Sets the IP Address to look for the device. IP address may be found in the SOPAS Engineering Tool.
Port Int Sets the port looking for the device. The port may be found in the SOPAS Engineering Tool.
Angle Offset Float Sets the angle offset of the laser.


Connection Timeout Animation Time Sets the amount of time for which RealMotion will try to connect to the device before reporting an error.
Erroneous Frame Tolerance Int Sets the number of successive unsuccessful data frames allowed before the connection with the device resets itself.
Lost Signal Value String Sets the default value for out of limit points.
On Error Frame String Sets the strategy used regarding output data whenever a corrupted frame is read from the device. The strategy may be either to discard the data or to reuse the last valid frame data.

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