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Select the texture of the current index. ​


The Selector box allows letting through the texture corresponding to the input index. All the other pins become disabled and save on performance. Enable the Cross Fade option for a continuous movement in the transitions. The Cross Fade Time Options is not enabled by default.

General Use Case: The Selector box is useful for optimizing memory, cpu and gpu usage. The connected but unused boxes are reset and not drawn.


Effect [N] Audio Video Line, 2D Texture Receives the texture corresponding to the index.
Index Int Receives the index to determine the selected texture. Note that the change occurs only on the next frame because the Selector box needs to send Internal Flow Control messages and copy the current texture. This one frame delay prevents FPS drop.


Current Audio Video Line Outputs the current texture.
Index Int Lets pass through the current index.
Seconds Float Outputs the transition progression in second. Active only with the Internal Fade Logic.


Pins Extensions Count

Number Of Input Pin: Effect Int Sets the number of Effect Input Pins.
External Fade Logic Toggle Enable the external fade logic and its output pins. Therefore, the Fade options are disabled.

Internal Flow Control

Send Reset Toggle Sends reset to the box connected backward. Reset is an Internal Flow Control message.

Time Options

Fade Time Float Sets the fade time between effect. By default, the effect fading out is a captured image of the first fade frame. For continuous effect, enable the Cross Fade Mode.
Cross Fade Toggle When enabled, the effect fading out continue to run until the cross fade is complete. This allows continuous transitions but used twice the memory.

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