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Operations/Containers/Set Item

Sets item in a container. ​


The Set Item box sets the item of a container at a specified index.

General Use Case: The Set Item box is useful to modify an existing container.


Input Audio Video Line Receives the container to change.
Texture 2D Texture Receives the Texture to change in the VideoLine container.


Output Audio Video Line Outputs the modified container.


Data Ownership Mode String Chooses the Data Ownership Mode. The Pass Through mode lets pass through the data without a copy. If chosen, the container will be changed directly in the container source. The Copy mode copy the container into a new container before the modification. If chosen, the modification won't be propagated backward in the pipeline.
Type String Sets the inputted container type.
Selected Index Toggle Overrides the Selected Index with the Index Input Pin. Active only when the Input Type is a vector.
Enable Input Pin: Index String Sets the index of the item to output.

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