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Image Processing/Generative/Shader 2D

Reads and edits shading micro programs. ​


The Shader2D box gives the user the possibility to write their own shading micro programs using Microsoft DirectX10 SM4.0 FX technique files.

Shader Editor
This is an advanced feature and shader language knowledge is recommended to use that box. Currently, the language used is HLSL.

Shader Variables
As Shader variables are created by the shader and they are unique to each shader. Shader variables are an important customizable allowing usage of dynamic variables.

Learning Shaders
To learn more about HLSL, look at the Microsoft Programming Guide for HLSL

General Use Case: The Shader 2D box is used to manage small operations on inputted 2D textures.


Texture [N] 2D Render Target Receives the render target used by the shader.


Render [N] 2D Render Target Outputs the render target of the shader.



Shader Effect

Shader Uri Allows loading, viewing and editing of a Shader.
Technique String Sets the techniques used by the shader.


Number Of Render Targets Int Sets the number of render targets for rendering multiple render targets in a single pass.
Enable Input Pin(s): Render Toggle Enable the Render input pin.

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