Spectrum Band Filter

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Audio/Spectrum Band Filter

Outputs the average of a spectrum band. ​


The Spectrum Band Filter defines a band in which to output the sound average values. When the box is selected, the Preview Window shows the selected spectrum band.

General Use Case: The Audio Spectrum is used with the Spectrum Band Filter. The Audio Spectrum generates the full sound spectrum and allows adjustment. The Spectrum Band Filter selects a range of frequency to output the average gain value. Together, both boxes create an interaction based on the sound. Multiple Spectrum Band Filter boxes may be connected in a row to optimize the processes.

Note: The Spectrum Band Filter and the Audio Spectrum boxes need a Sound Device or a Sound Card set in the System Configuration.


Spectrum Audio Spectrum Receives the Spectrum to select a band from.


Average Float Outputs the average value of the selected spectrum bands.
Spectrum Audio Spectrum Outputs the selected bands in a Spectrum.



Gain Float Multiplies with the gain of the outputted average.
Frequency Float Indicates the middle frequency of the selected band.
BandWidth Float Indicates the total width of the selected band in frequency. BandWidth below 50 may give unreliable data.
Smoothing Float Sets the temporal filter smoothing the variation in the outputted values.
Output Mode String Selects between a mono or stereo output mode. When set to mono, only the left channel value is outputted.
Enable Output Pin: Spectrum Toggle Enables the Spectrum Output Pin.

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