Surface Components

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Surface Mapping/Surface Components

Outputs the components of a surface. ​


The Surface Component box outputs the components of the inputted surface.

General Use Case: The Surface Component box is used to transfer data from a Surface to scripting boxes.


Surface Zone Receives the surface to process.


Bottom-Right Float2 Outputs the bottom-right corner of the surface.
Center Float2 Outputs the center of the surface.
Name String Outputs the name of the surface.
Size Float2 Outputs the size of the surface.
Top-Left Float2 Outputs the top-left corner of the surface.



Enable Output Pin: Center Toggle Enables the Output Pin: Center.
Enable Output Pin: Size Toggle Enables the Output Pin: Size.
Enable Output Pin: Top-Left Toggle Enables the Output Pin: Top Left.
Enable Output Pin: Bottom-Right Toggle Enables the Output Pin: Bottom Right.
Enable Output Pin: Name Toggle Enables the Output Pin: Name.

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