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Surface Mapping/Surface Test

Triggers an event when a point is present within the boundaries of a given Surface. ​


The Surface Test outputs an event when a Point is present within the boundaries of a given Surface.


Bottom-Right Float2 Receives the Bottom-Right Corner of the surface.
Center Float2 Receives the center of the surface.
Points 2D Points, Float2 Vector Receives the points to test.
Size Float2 Receives the size of the surface.
Surface Zone Receives the surface of the test region.
Top-Left Float2 Receives the Top-Left Corner of the surface.


Contains Int Outputs an event when the inputted points are on the surface.


Surface Control

Creation Mode String Selects the surface creation mode.

Config Surface

Enable Input Pin: Surface Toggle Enables the Surface Input Pin.
Surface Zone Sets the Surface to test with. The Surface is created and modified in the Surface Editor.

Custom Centered

Center Toggle Enables the Center Input Pin to override the Center Corner parameter.
Center Float2 Sets the center of the test surface.
Size Toggle Enables the Size Input Pin to override the Size parameter.
Size Float2 Sets the size of the test surface.

Custom Corners

Top-Left Toggle Enables the Top-Left Input Pin to override the Top-Left Corner parameter.
Top-Left Float2 Sets the top-left corner of the test surface.
Bottom-Right Toggle Enables the Bottom-Right Input Pin to override the Bottom-Right Corner parameter.
Bottom-Right Float2 Sets the bottom-right corner of the test surface.

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