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Selects the input of the current case. ​


The Switch box selects the input of the Case matching the switch value. The box supports any Input type and basic types as Cases values.

General Use Case: The box is useful to manage textures, cameras and coordinate presets.


Default Any type (Null) Sets the values when the Value does not match any of the Case.
Input [N] Any type (Null) Receives the data of the Case [N].
Value Int Receives the switch Value to compare with each Case.


Output Any type (Null) Outputs the data of the Case matching the switch Value.



Input Count Int Sets the number of Cases and Input Pins.
Case Type String Sets the basic Type use for the switch-case operation.

Case Values

Case 1 Int Sets the Value of the Case 1 to compare with the Value Input Pin. If the Value match the Case, the corresponding Input is outputted.

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