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Utilities/System Stats

Gives information on the system performances in real time ​


The System Stats box outputs the number of frames per seconds (Fps), the time between each frame (Frame Time), the CPU and the Memory.

General Usecase : This box is often connected to a Console Out to print some or all the information, or to a Font Writer box to display that information on the screen.


This box has no input.


CPU Float Outputs the CPU usage.
Fps Float Outputs the current number of frames per second.
Frame Time Float Outputs the current frame time.
empty String empty
empty String empty
Memory Float Outputs the memory used.


Update Time Float Time (in seconds) between the System Stats updates.
Enable Output Pin: Fps Toggle Enables the Output Pin Fps.
Enable Output Pin: Frame Time Toggle Enables the Output Pin Frame Time.
Enable Output Pin: CPU Toggle Enables the Output Pin CPU.
Enable Output Pin: Memory Toggle Enables the Output Pin Memory.
Enable Output Pin: Ip Address Toggle empty
Enable Output Pin: Ip Subnet Mask Toggle empty

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