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Loads a image into a texture. ​


The Texture box loads a 2D texture. By default, the format is RGBA 8 bits and the resolution is defined by the loaded texture.

General Use Case: the box is used to load image content in RealMotion.


Filename String Indicates the path of the texture file.
Reload Trigger Reloads the texture on reception of this event.


Reloaded Trigger Outputs an event when once the file is reloaded. Active only with Async Reload.
Texture 2D Texture Outputs the created texture.



Filename Toggle Activates the input pin Filename.
Filename Uri Indicates the path of the texture files.
Enable Async Reload Toggle Enables the Async Reload of the file. When the path change, the image load over a couple of frames to avoid any frame drop.
Reload Toggle Activates the input pin Reload.

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