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Loads a texture and divide the texture into Flipbook tiles for the 2D Particles System. ​


The Texture Flipbook box loads and divides a texture into Flipbook tiles used in the 2D Particles System.
Texture has to be square.

General Use Case: The Flipbook is used in the 2D Particle System to render the particles of the same system with different textures. Historically, Flipbook allowed frames animation in video games at a low memory cost.


Filename String Indicates the path of the texture file to load.
Reload Trigger Reloads the texture on reception of this Event.
Texture 2D Texture Texture that will be used as Flipbook.


Flipbook Texture FlipBook Outputs the created texture.



Enable Input Pin: Texture Toggle Activates the Texture Input Pin to receive the texture used as Flip Book.
Enable Input Pin: Filename Toggle Activates the Filename Input Pin.
Filename Uri Indicates the path of the texture files.
Reload Toggle Activates the Reload Input Pin.

Flip Book

Flip Book Resolution Int2 Sets the numbers of divisions of the loaded texture.

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Current documentation version: 2.1.2. ​ ​