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Final destination of the texture flow within a graph. ​


In RealMotion, the Texture Out box is the most common output for a project.

In theRealMotion pipeline, only the boxes connected directly or indirectly to an output like the Texture Out are activated. This Process has the advantage of naturally optimizing the resources needed for a project.

When used in a graph instantiated in a parent graph or a Timeline, the Texture Out automatically exports the inputted texture to the parent graph. Used in the roo Graph, the Texture Out is the link to the Backbuffer. In Computer Graphics, the Backbuffer is the memory area that represents what will be displayed by the GPU the next frame. See the Wikipedia Framebuffer page for more information about the concept.


Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture to be outputted.


Out 2D Texture Outputs the texture in the parent graph. This output is automatically generated when the graph containing the Texture Out is instantiated in a parent graph or a Timeline.


This box has no parameter.

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