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Outputs a time value. ​


The box Time outputs a time value. The value can be static or dynamic. When dynamic, the time may be relative to the Parent Graph or sets by the System Time, by a MIDI Time Code or by a MIDI Clock.

- The dynamic time relative to the Parent graph restarts when the graph is reset. This case is useful to create animation called more than once in a project lifetime. As the System Time resets, the Time Of Day is a better choice for CMS usage.

- The dynamic time set by the System Time outputs the time since RealMotion opened. This case is useful to generate continuous animation or interval related events.

- The dynamic time sets by a MIDI Time Code or the MIDI Clock is useful to sync multiple devices together. See the Wikipedia pages about MIDI Time Code and MIDI beat clock for more information about these protocols.


This box has no input.


Time Animation Time Outputs the selected Time.



Operating Mode String Chooses between a Static time value or a Dynamic time value.
Value Time Sets the value of the outputted time.
Time Base String Sets the time base. The Parent base uses the Parent graph time. The time resets when the graph resets. The base System uses the last time RealMotion opened. The MIDI Time Code receives from a MIDI Input. The MIDI Clock receives the time from a MIDI Input. Tempo may be set.
MIDI Input String Selects the MIDI inputs to receive the message from. Only one MIDI Send box may be connected to a MIDI Output. The Operating System generates the MIDI Output list with the connected MIDI device.
Tempo Int Sets the tempo for the MIDI Clock.

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