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Instantiates the Timeline controls into the current graph. ​


The box Timeline allows the sequencing and crossfading of Assets such as Textures, Videos, Audio Tracks or Generative Content provided by existing Graphs, A Graph can instantiate a Timeline and vice-versa.

Timeline panel
The Timeline panel organizes the tracks ordering, the track opacity curve and the curve of each exposed float. Tracks are created when Media or Graph is dragged into the panel. The Timeline panel also included controls of the time and the looping option.n.

Properties panel
The Timeline properties panel contains the patch of all track inputs and the corresponding blend mode.

Contents, like images and videos, are added in the Timeline by dragging them from the Media Library Panel onto the Timeline Panel.

Timelined Graph
Previously packaged graphs are added in the Timeline by dragging them from the Graph Panel onto the Timeline Panel. Instancing a graph in the timeline allows control and rendering of complex graphs within a timeline logic. This is a powerful tool. Timelined graph may contain child graphs, another Timeline box. Note that multiple floats may be exported to the track, but only one texture.

Float of a Timelined Graph
Float may be exposed by left-clicking on a Float box and exporting its properties. Floats are then controllable under the track of the Timeline Panel with the curve interface.

Texture of a Timelined Graph
Texture may be imported from the graph containing the Timeline box or from an upward track.

The timeline may be time driven by the graph containing the Timeline box by exposing the Time pin. Exposing the Time allows an external control to seek and to change the reading speed of all Timelined media or graph. Note that boxes with a different time bases, like the box Particles System 2D, are not affected by the time of the Timeline. See the documentation of the Time box for more information about the different Time mode in RealMotion.

General Use Case: The Timeline box is used to control a project, or a part of a project, with a time-based logic.


Time Animation Time Receives the time data driving the Timeline.
Texture 2D Texture Receives the texture input.


Output Audio Video Line Outputs the Master Track [N] blended result.



Enable Input Pin: Time Toggle Enables the Time Input Pin and override the time of the timeline.
Master Tracks Count Int Sets the number of Master Track.
Loop Toggle Enables the Timeline looping.

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