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Devices/Image Acquisition/UEye Camera

Receives images captured by the IDS uEye camera. ​


The UEye Camera box receives images from an IDS uEye camera connected to the same network as RealMotion. See the IDS web site for more info about their products.

The IDS uEye Cockpit program allows the generation of an optional configuration file for the camera. The configuration file transfer some fine-tuning from the uEye Cockpit into RealMotion.

General Use Case: The UEye Camera allows the use of infrared cameras on physical installations.


This box has no input.


Texture 2D Texture Outputs the camera feed.



Config File Uri Loads a configuration file generated by the uEye Cockpit program.

Camera Selection

Find Camera Toggle Searches into the network for available uEye cameras.
Camera String Chooses the uEye camera to capture from.

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